Double digits

Today I officially have a child in the double digits.  In 10 short (yet sometimes oh so very long) years, she’s taught me more than most people in my life.   She made me a mom first.  And she, along with her 3 siblings, make sure I earn my title.

We are alike in so many ways.  And very different in other ways.

Sometimes I look at her and think “Wow, she looks SO much like I did at that age”  And sometimes she’ll do/say something that reminds me of how I was as a child.  

This girl loves to be in charge and is very good at doing it.  She’s a take control kind of kid and very rarely says “I’m bored”.  She creates fun.  If she wants something, she goes after it.  Relentlessly.  And she is more observant than any other human I have ever met.  She takes a mental inventory of everything and everyone around her.  She knows where things are.  She remembers what people say.  If I have misplaced something (which is embarrassingly often) she always knows where it is.  Always.  And she worries.  A lot.  About everything.  Which she (unfortunately) gets from me.  Sorry.

Though we certainly have our moments of disagreement, I love to be around her.  We’ve been through some pretty rocky moments together, but we continue to love.  We’ve also had ridiculous amounts of fun together.

It’s fun to watch her personality develop.  She is laugh-out-loud funny and sometimes grit-my-teeth dramatic.  And I never ever know what to expect from her.  She continually surprises me every day.

Happy Birthday “J”.  We sure like having you around.

(Photo of me at roughly the same age)
Please note my little brothers rolled socks.  I die.

Why it’s so hard to take “good” pictures of your own kids

There’s a reason, well several reasons, why professional photographers tell you not to attempt taking certain types of photos of your own kids. 

The every day stuff is one thing.  But when you try to gather them in one place and have them look semi-normal and do what you ask them to do, that’s entirely different.

My kids will never behave for me like they would for someone else.  And my guess is, yours won’t either.

These photos should speak for themselves.

My kids:

Her kids:

Next time I’m hiring a professional.  🙂

More details on the reason behind these Funbooth photos in a future post.

Photography Sessions

Although I am making some transitions in my business and spending more time on this blog as well as the photography classes I offer, I will still be offering very limited photography sessions throughout the year.

To see more information on types of session I offer and samples of images, you can click the links below.




I offer sports photography upon request.

I no longer do weddings.  

Please e-mail me if you have any questions or you want to book a session.  

[email protected]


I am a “lifestyle” photographer. More casual. No stiff posing. I get some shots with everyone looking (hopefully) but also some more candid shots as well.

My goal in family photography is not to get ONE perfect picture. But instead my goal is a collection of photos that help tell the story of your family relationships and dynamics. That show the personality of each individual member and the personality of the family as a whole.

We have fun at family shoots. I try to make it quick and painless.

Below are some samples of what kind of images you’ll get at a family shoot.  I do all my family sessions outdoors at various locations (which we’ll decide on together).

Sessions are generally about an hour depending on ages, size of family, and cooperation of kids (or dads 🙂  ).  

Session fee is $425.  That includes the time for the session, editing of the best images, and a high-resolution disc with about 50 images in color and black and white.

Family sessions include several shots of all the family together, some of just the kids, some of just the parents, individual pictures of each kid, and whatever other groupings we decide on at the shoot.  

(click on arrows to scroll through pictures)


I also offer a few extended family shoots.  If you are interested in an extended family shoot, please e-mail me for pricing and info.


If these kind of family photos makes you sweat, check out my FUNBOOTH sessions.  It’s a GREAT alternative to “traditional” family photos.


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