The deep dark abyss of potty training

We started potty training 6 weeks ago.  Because of his personality, I knew he would be my hardest one to potty training.  He’s proving me right.

After 6 weeks, he has pooped in the potty 3 times.  I’ll let you do the math on how many times he has NOT pooped in the potty.  Pee isn’t a problem.  Serious problem with the pooping.


I am open to any and all tips you brilliant parents have on how we fix this situation.  I’m not going back to diapers.  We’re too far in.  If you have a suggestion, leave it in the comments and I’ll love you forever.  For the record, he is not motivated by treats or toys.  I’ve tried.  And he does not poop at the same time every day.  Way more info than anyone wants.

And if you don’t have great suggestions and you just want to lament with me in the comments, that’s great too.  It’s a lonely dark world in potty training hell.


Our kids are capable of SO much.

I posted this on my Instagram account, but wanted to have it here as well.

“He hasn’t been in any lakes this year.  He sits on the edge of the boat with his toes in the water and says “I’m getting used to it”.  Then on the way home he’ll say “I’ll be brave next time and get in”.  

He gets nervous at the lake.  Maybe it’s the dark depths of black water, the waves, the potential of being run over by a boat, or the fish (sick).  But yesterday he decided it was time to get in.  So he climbed on the EZ ski.

As we let out the rope, I could see his face start to crumble.  And the tears well in his eyes.  And the immediate regret.  He looked up at me.  My instinct was to pull him back in.  But instead, the boat of siblings and cousins (and mom) erupted in screams and cheers.  “Yea Carter!  You can do it!”

We started to pull him behind the boat.  He looked down.   Still fighting the fear.  And then, he let go.  Literally and figuratively.  And the wind blew his hair and a small smile crept across his face.  And we continued to cheer.

When he climbed back onto the boat, he looked at me and said “I’m so proud of myself for doing that.”

Our kids are capable of SO much.  We just have to be willing to let them fight through the fear.

Embracing change

I wanted to get my girls haircut before spending a week in Lake Powell, hoping to avoid brushing out tangles that seem to form just by looking in their general direction.

On the way there, Mya announced “I want to cut my hair short”.

Usually my response to any sort of change, especially “big” change, is “are you sure?” or even more accurate “nope”.  

But I’m making a conscious effort to embrace change.  And to teach my kids to not fear change.  And instead ask questions like “why not?” and give answers like “sure, let’s give it a try”.

And Mya is often my greatest example in this.  She’s open minded.  She’s not controlling.  She loves life and ALL it has to offer.  And she’s almost always willing to try something new.  In almost any circumstance.

So short it went.  And it seems to fit her personality.  And will hopefully be far more manageable in the morning after she does who knows what in the night that makes her hair tie itself in knots.

Grateful for a 7 year old who already knows (and hopefully never forgets) that change is good.  It’s usually where adventure waits for us.

Family friendly hiking. Stewart Falls.

We make a pretty conscious effort to get our kids out into nature as much as possible.  It’s just good for the soul.  Not ever always easy with little kids, but what is?

It’s worth it.

Picture taking doesn’t often take priority right now.  Quick cell phone pics while trying to keep all the children from “dying”.

We make sure to always take PLENTY of water.  Camelbak’s for the girls make a huge difference.

Mike and I love to hike.  Our kids aren’t always as enthusiastic.  One time while hiking I honestly wondered if I needed to take one of my kids to the doctor for the amount of “extreme pain” their legs were in.  There may have been a pretty spectacular fit in the middle of a dirt trail.  It wasn’t the first.  And won’t be the last.

But continue we will.  Because nature, and hiking, are good for the soul.  Did I mention that already?

A “family friendly” hike we went on to Stewart Falls in Provo Canyon (by Aspen Grove).   Family friendly meaning our girls who were 8 and 6 at the time were able to hike the whole way in and out.  We carried the boys on our backs in hiking packs.  There are a few steep parts, but overall, relatively easy.  Not AS easy while packing 50 extra very wiggly pounds on your back.

And the waterfall at the end is pretty cool.  I’m not a hike just to hike kind of person.  There has to be some sort of “reward” at the end.  A waterfall.  A lake.  A ridiculous view.  We usually pack lunches with us and spend 30-45 minutes letting those little kid legs rest.  And then head back down.

Utah is most definitely rad!