Family friendly hiking. Stewart Falls.

We make a pretty conscious effort to get our kids out into nature as much as possible.  It’s just good for the soul.  Not ever always easy with little kids, but what is?

It’s worth it.

Picture taking doesn’t often take priority right now.  Quick cell phone pics while trying to keep all the children from “dying”.

We make sure to always take PLENTY of water.  Camelbak’s for the girls make a huge difference.

Mike and I love to hike.  Our kids aren’t always as enthusiastic.  One time while hiking I honestly wondered if I needed to take one of my kids to the doctor for the amount of “extreme pain” their legs were in.  There may have been a pretty spectacular fit in the middle of a dirt trail.  It wasn’t the first.  And won’t be the last.

But continue we will.  Because nature, and hiking, are good for the soul.  Did I mention that already?

A “family friendly” hike we went on to Stewart Falls in Provo Canyon (by Aspen Grove).   Family friendly meaning our girls who were 8 and 6 at the time were able to hike the whole way in and out.  We carried the boys on our backs in hiking packs.  There are a few steep parts, but overall, relatively easy.  Not AS easy while packing 50 extra very wiggly pounds on your back.

And the waterfall at the end is pretty cool.  I’m not a hike just to hike kind of person.  There has to be some sort of “reward” at the end.  A waterfall.  A lake.  A ridiculous view.  We usually pack lunches with us and spend 30-45 minutes letting those little kid legs rest.  And then head back down.

Utah is most definitely rad!

Family friendly hiking.

In an effort to continually expose our kids to new things, especially in nature, and keep them (and us) active, we hiked to the Fifth water hot springs in Diamond Fork Canyon in Utah.

It is a MUST do for a hiking adventure.

Annnd because I had to heft a human child on my back, the big girl camera was left at home and these are all iphone pics courtesy of myself and my husband Mike.

It was more of a walk than a hike.  Our girls, who were 8 and 6, easily made it with minimal complaining.  Our 3 year old probably could have done it as well, but we didn’t want to go that slow.
So we packed him and our 1 year old in on our backs.  I think it was a little over 2 miles each way.

We brought swimsuits and a change of clothes, as well as lunch to eat by the springs.

On the internet it said a lot of things about naked people being there.  Mercifully, we didn’t see any.

The hike up was beautiful.  Kind of reminded me of hiking in Hawaii.  Seriously.  Super green.  Trees branching over the paths.  Little stream running by.

As you get closer you can start to smell the springs.  And the water in the river starts to get warmer.  Our kids thought that was pretty awesome.

When we got to the top, we ate lunch, then played around in the different pools.

Definitely worth a visit.  We’ll be going back.  When the kids get a little older, I want to do it in the winter.

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