FUNBOOTH sessions!!

I get it. Getting family pictures can be super stressful. Finding the right clothes. Getting everyone ready. Finding a location. Getting there on time. Making sure the kids don’t still have ketchup on their face. Trying to act calm and happy while your kids are being recruited for part of Satan’s army.

I get it. Trust me. I do.

But. Family pictures are one of those things you’ll always be glad you have and never regret that you did.

I also realize sometimes the stress is too much. Too overwhelming. And you have a kid that simply will NOT cooperate during family pictures. Or trying to come up with a bunch of coordinating outfits is something that will send you right over the edge this year. So you just never get them done. Even though you want to.

Which is why I came up with Funbooth sessions.

They’re fun. They’re FAST. They’re easy. And they work for kids with all different types of personalities.

The point is to be casual. Crazy. Fun. Like a photobooth.

Low stress. No weather elements. Sessions only take about 25 minutes. And you end up with a bunch of photographs with your family, your kids, and their personalities.

Book your Funbooth session for $225.  That includes the session fee as well as a disc with about 60-70 images in color AND black and white and a print release to make whatever prints you want.

E-mail me at [email protected] to book your session.


Here’s a sample gallery of images from a recent Funbooth session.  (click on arrows to scroll through pictures)



Here’s what other people are saying about Funbooth sessions:

“I can’t say enough about the Funbooth photos that we did with Lindsay.  They were stress free, fun and captured the personality of our family perfectly.  One of the best parts was how quick they went as well.  With having two little kids it’s always been a challenge to move things along while getting the pictures we wanted.  Lindsay seemed to do both really easily which made for such a better experience.  We love how our family photos and the individual shots turned out and get lots of compliments on them.  Lindsay captured a time in my children and family’s life that can never be recreated or captured.  The bigger my kids get, the more my family changes, the more grateful I am for the work Lindsay did.  It’s as close to capturing time in a jar if that were possible.  We will definitely be coming back for more of these sessions!  Thank you Lindsay.  You’ve changed how we feel about family photos”   –Kristin H.


“The Funbooth family photo shoot was perfect for my family because it was fast and painless–for my kids and husband!  We moved quickly through each shot, had fun, no forced smiles plus I didn’t have to stress about spending money to buy coordinating outfits.  And the best part was the final product.  I LOVE my pictures.  You see all the expressions in detail.  It’s more intimate that way.  They are displayed throughout my home and I always get lots of compliments.  Lindsay has amazing talent, is laid back and lots of fun.  You won’t regret doing a Funbooth session.”    –Mieka


“We LOVED the Funbooth experience!  We are always looking for ways to mix things up and not have our family pictures look like every other family picture that you see.  We like to be unique, FUN, different.  Funbooth pictures are family pictures that people remember; pictures that leave an impression.  They were quick, easy, and perfectly captured the craziness that IS our family!!”    –Brittany


“One of the main reasons I loved doing the Funbooth session is because it’s just that…Fun! My kids are more relaxed and able to be themselves. They enjoyed it more and I didn’t stress if the pose was just right! I love the background is simple and puts the focus on the personality and characteristics of our family. Every time I have done the Funbooth session, they turn out to be my favorite pictures of the year. I love how Lindsay lets us do whatever to make it a fun experience and super EASY!” –Kristin


“I have a son with autism.  The last family photo we have he is about 3 years old and is bawling.  He has refused to participate with any kind of photo session since that time.  He is now 11 years old so we went many years without any kind of family photo.  I found Lindsay’s Funbooth sessions on the internet.  I thought this would be a great solution to our no-family pictures dilemma.  The Funbooth sessions seemed fun and spontaneous rather than planned and stressful.  So we actually drove THREE HOURS to have Lindsay take our family photos.  Lindsay and the Funbooth did not disappoint!  It was fast, easy, fun–and no stress.  It was absolutely wonderful to receive photos where my son was cooperative and not upset with us.  Lindsay managed to capture his beautiful eyes and a few pleasant looks on his face.  The photos of our family are a treasure to have.  We will definitely be visiting Lindsay again!”   –Jessica


“I HATE taking family pictures.  LOVE having them on my wall, HATE the process.  Doing a Funbooth session makes “the process” a whole lot easier.  This type of session is a lot less formal.  No rigid poses.  The clothes don’t matter as much.  I didn’t have to spend hours agonizing over how to make everyone coordinate.  And it’s a lot less time.   Lindsay is an easy going person and deals well with all types of people, especially in this setting.  She even gets grumpy teenagers to participate and look good in the family photo.  If family photos stress you out, like they do me, I DEFINITELY recommend this type of session.  Great pictures.  Easy atmosphere.  Lots of compliments on how they turned out!!”    –Kelli


An EASY solution to getting family pictures!  E-mail me at [email protected] to book your session.


And, if you haven’t seen it already, click HERE to get my TEN best phone photography tips that will immediately change the quality of photos from your phone!

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  1. Hi! You’re wonderful. Wondering if you’d do us a favor? That cute family to the right of what I’m writing right now, Josh and Lindsay, are old friends of ours and seeing that picture of them pop up under your funbooth sessions just made our day. Please tell them “Hello!” from Heath and Hannah Edwards and to look us up on fb when they have a sec, we can’t find them on there. Thanks a ton!

    Much love to you and yours!

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