2 simple tips to dramatically improve your photos

If you look at most pictures that just aren’t good, there is generally one reason why.

They’re blurry.  Out of focus.  Fuzzy.  Whatever you want to call it.

There are a few things that make pictures blurry.

1.  The photographer didn’t hold the camera steady enough (camera shake)
2.  There wasn’t enough light

So here’s how you fix it.

1.  Hold your elbows up against your body when you take a picture.  You may feel (and possibly look) ridiculous but who really cares.  This is especially a problem when we take pictures with our phones.  Because we extend our arms and hold the camera out.  I don’t know about you, but my arms aren’t strong enough to keep the camera completely still.  Thus, camera blur.

So tuck those elbows in by your body.  Or lean against a wall.  Or use a tripod (because you probably just have one of those in your back pocket).

2.  Find more light.  Good light is THE KEY in almost all situations to a good photograph.
Go outside (assuming it’s not night of course), go by a window, open a door.  Find the light.  If you let more light into the camera, it is able to “freeze” the action and make our pictures “sharp” (in focus) instead of blurry.

And tada.  Better pictures.  So quit whippin your camera around when taking photos and find the light.  Light is good.

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