“Photography fuels memory–and memory fuels the heart and soul” Mitchell’s Journey

I’m a huge advocate for using photography to tell the stories of our family. Every photo we take, if we do it right, has the potential to tell a story. And all of those pictures added together tell the story of a life and a family.

Photography can also fuel more gratitude, appreciation for the seemingly mundane, and helps me slooooow down and appreciate the small details of my family story.

Here you will find any posts that are photography related. Tips for taking better photos, how to tell a story with the photos you take, ideas on how to display and organize photos, equipment suggestions, printing suggestions, etc.

If you’re looking for a place to start, I recommend my Picture Display Movement series starting with the post “Why we have to get those pictures off our computers!!


4 thoughts on “PHOTOGRAPHY”

  1. I am getting married on 10/22/16 and am looking for a photographer. A friend of mine recommended you and I wanted to see if you were available or could send me some pricing information. You can also call me at 801-906-9980.
    Thank you!

  2. I love your blog! I am a mom of 3 grown boys, and now a grandma ! I have sooo many pictures I want to pass on to save the stories and memories. I have read thru your blog and gotten some good direction. Just wondering if you have any suggestions of someone I could walk me thru the set up? I live in Ct, and recently retired and really want to start. Photos are so special to me too, and having them all over the place doesn’t help them come alive.
    Thanks so much for creating this Blog!!!

  3. Just recently found your blog as I am needing to organize so many photos that are just sitting in my Mac. I read an older blog of yours from 2014 I believe that you use iphoto, do you still you that? If not, what do you use now? I have three boys and we are living overseas I’d really like to have a better set up then just somewhere in the computer so none of the memories get lost. Help! Thanks!

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