Every Day Photos Guide. The eBook


The Every Day Photos Guide.  A practical, easy-to-follow guide to help you take better every day photos to help tell your stories.

“Your guide is changing so many things for me.  I love it.  I just witnessed my son read his first book, 57 pages!  Normally I would have had him look at me and smile, but instead I captured the moment which will capture the true memory and my boy forever.  So thank you!”  Kristin

We panic.  We know our lives are moving fast and there’s no way to freeze time.  We try to capture as much as we can, but we can’t always have a camera glued to our face.  We see the stories unfolding before our eyes and we WANT to preserve them.  We want the memories to last.  We want the stories told.  But how?  How do we know we’re taking photos of the right thing?  And how do we make the photos better so we can tell those stories through the photos?  And once we take the photos, what do we DO with them after?

I was looking through old photos in our family albums and I started thinking of all the photos I wish I had.  Things I vaguely remember that I wish we had a photo of.  And photos of the things I don’t even remember.  And my parents don’t either.  Parts of my story that are just…..gone.     How many times have you said, or heard someone say “I wish we had a photo of that?”  Sometimes in reference to big, funny, or crazy moments.  But most often it’s the EVERY DAY stuff that we wish was documented.  The stuff that was once a huge part of our day-to-day life and story.  The stuff we thought we’d never forget.  But we did.  We do.  What did my childhood bedroom look like?  What was on the walls?  What outfit did I insist on wearing over and over again?  What kind of bike did I ride?  Where did I put my favorite toys?  Where did I eat my meals?  What foods did I love as a toddler?  What did all of these things look like? It’s the every day stuff.  Ninety-nine percent of our existence that is a HUGE part of our story.  The every day stuff is what adds together and makes a life.  Makes a story.  Tells WHO we are.  Who our kids are.  Who our family is. Are we capturing those every day moments the way we want to?  Are our stories being told and preserved?  Have we taken photos of the right things so we can put the cameras down and live the stories?

Photography has given me more patience.  More love.  More compassion.  More awareness.  And most importantly, more intention to live a purposeful life.  It can do the same for you too.  And it’s why I created this guide. The Every Day Photos Guide is a guide to help YOU tell the story of your life, and your family’s life, and your kids lives through photos.  A guide to help you take the RIGHT KIND of photos so you aren’t just aimlessly taking a lot of photos.

BUY NOW! $17 (On SALE for $11)

What’s included when you purchase the Every Day Photos Guide:

**A 73 page downloadable eBook (pdf file)

**A practical, easy-to-implement guide that walks you through the process of documenting your family story better with ANY kind of camera

**General photos tips to help you take better technical photos (easy to understand language and practical tips you can implement immediately to improve your photos), but also photos that make you FEEL and not just see.

**Step-by-step directions on HOW to tell a story with your photos (with photo examples)

**Instructions on how to get started and what to do first.

**36 specific every-day photo ideas with photo examples so you get a clear idea of WHAT photos to take and HOW to take them

**Specific photo tips to help you capture the photo ideas in the best way possible with ANY camera

**A printable list with over 100 more ideas of every-day moments you probably haven’t thought of to photograph, but can be a big part of your personal stories.

**Tips and tricks for documenting and printing the photos after you take them.  Specific ideas and tips on what to do with the photos so they don’t just stay on our phones or computers.

**Additional resources and ideas to further document your family story


What other’s are saying:

“I have thoroughly enjoyed reading every tip and found myself looking forward to the next one. Truly fantastic information!” Brooke

“Thank you so much for sharing your talents and ideas.  I am so excited to continue taking photos and documenting the lives of my family.  I am so grateful to you for sharing this eBook!”  Robyn

“Thanks so much for sharing your every day photos guide.  Made me look at things with a new and fresh perspective to document my daily life.”  Charlene

“Wow!  Thanks so much.  I’ve enjoyed the photo guide!  Ideas I would not have thought of or had time to think of.  I’ve appreciated this resource a lot!”  Marcia

“I have loved reading these tips!  You have given some awesome advice.  Every tip was informative and useful.”  Laura


And hey, there’s no risk.  If you purchase the eBook and find it doesn’t help you document your every day stories better, just e-mail me within 14 days of your purchase and I’ll refund your money.  So there’s nothing to lose.


A friend of mine had a son who was diagnosed with a terminal illness.  He said “…upon learning his life would be cut short, I began to see moments differently.  I stopped taking photos of what things looked like and focused more on capturing what life felt like.”

That right there is my main priority for this guide.  To help you stop taking photos of just what things look like, and focus more on capturing what life FEELS like.  Capturing who people are and why their stories matter.  The every day moments and things that make up our lives.  The Every Day Photos Guide.  Your guide to documenting your story through photos.

BUY NOW! $17 (On SALE for $11)

15 thoughts on “Every Day Photos Guide. The eBook”

  1. I could not purchase the Everyday Photos Guide. It would not accept my Canadian postal code.


      1. Grace,
        Oh good. I’m glad it worked. Let me know if you have any other problems or questions!

  2. I signed up to receive this ebook via email a few weeks ago. I received one of her ideas every day for 30 days. I CANNOT say enough about how this inspired me. I have already implemented many of her ideas. My 4 children are growing up so quickly and we are facing a big, out of state move right now. I am so grateful for the ideas she shared – because of them we now have pictures of our current home, my children’s bedrooms, favorite toys, where we hang out, yard, neighborhood, schools, friends, church, etc. Those pictures I wouldn’t have thought about taking without this book!

    With Lindsay’s recommendation of Project Life, I have now taken pictures of, printed and scrapbooked ALL my kids artwork and schoolwork – 19 3’x4′ envelopes stuffed full and taking up a ton of space – gone!

    Not only did this book change MY life, the way I look and think about things, it has also changed the lives of my husband and children – we owe you big time Lindsay!

  3. I’ve loved the tips from your email series Lindsay, and can’t imagine how much I’ll love the book! What a great way to look at life in a different way. One way I’ve been able to change is instead of exasperation at the thousands of band-aids my son seems to need (and leaves all over the house), I actually took a picture of them on the wall and laughed. It will be a memory that I might have forgotten had I not read the suggestions from you about what to take pictures of. Thanks!

  4. I loved how this guide made me grateful for my everyday life with my family and taught me to take pictures of things I wouldn’t have thought of but wish I had from when I was growing up.

  5. Lindsay,

    I’m super grateful for all the tips and ideas that you’ve given me through this photo guide. I never really took the “every day” photos, and you’re right….those are the photos I love the most and hope to preserve and document for my children and my posterity. You’re super talented and this Every Day Photo Guide is such a good reference for me to go back to. SO grateful for it…and you.

  6. This guide has without a doubt changed the way I document my story and look at my day to day circumstances. It has made me more in tune with the details and helps me focus on the things I want to remember about this crazy stage of life. I think those things help me to be a better mom. Thank you so much Lindsay!

  7. This guide has been so helpful for someone like me. I am a working mom with 3 girls, and with my crazy life, taking ‘every-day photos’ is not something that is in my brain. Having this guide also made me think outside the box. I am so grateful for it and I know my kids will be too when they get older. Lindsay…I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to do this. You rock!

  8. The Every Day Photos Guide eBook helped me think about what I want to remember (good and bad) and what my kids will want to remember. It also helped me look at photos in a different way. I normally took pictures to help me remember the event/moment but I am learning to take pictures that show not just the memory but also the feeling. Thanks Lindsay

  9. Just wondering if this is just for families with children or it would be good for empty nesters as well? I take a lot of nature photo and my grands are not here for the day to day photos so was wondering if the book would be helpful for me?

    1. KC,
      Honestly, I think it’s good for anyone. Yes, it talks alot about documenting our children, but it also talks about documenting OUR lives. My mom is an empty nester and though she’s obviously biased, I think she really appreciated it. The point is to get you thinking differently about the type of photos you take and WHY you take them. There are probably a bunch of every day photos about the life you live right now that your children and grandchildren would appreciate having them documented.

      But. There is a 100% money back guarantee so if you buy it and you don’t feel like it was worth it (though I think you will) just e-mail me and I’ll refund your money! No risk to you.

  10. I have only one suggestion- instead of nine-millimeter, use 9mm. I have never seen a 9mm written out like that. Maybe even give it a brand- the obvious choices Glock or Berretta. Both I believe are used in an offical capacity.

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