My truth about running.

I spent some time watching the Live camera on the Boston finish line on Monday.  It was a much different experience than the year before, when I was glued to the TV and on the phone hoping my friends who had run the race were okay.

This year, I was tracking 2 of my cousins and a friend and was hoping to see them cross the finish line.  Running the Boston marathon is a BIG deal.  And I hope I can do it one day.  Just gotta shave large amounts of time off my race pace.  🙂  But watching all those people cross that finish line got me thinking about running.  And why I’m compelled to do it.

Here’s the truth about running for me.

It’s not always easy.  Or fun.  In fact, more often than not, it’s HARD.  And it hurts.

But there’s something about running that cleanses the soul.  Clears the mind.  Squashes the stress.  And makes life feel just a little bit (or sometimes a lot) better.

Running is a lot like parenthood.  90% of the time it’s hard.  And painful.  And sometimes you’d rather not do all that hard stuff.  But then there’s the other 10%.  The days where you feel like you could run forever.  And you feel great.  And strong.  And “light”.  And that 10% of running euphoria makes the other 90% worth fighting through.  

I love to run.  But I didn’t always feel that way.  I remember one of my college roomates was an accomplished marathon runner and I used to think she was crazy.  Why on earth would anyone want to run that far and hurt that much?  And then I ran one.  And I understood.

There’s something pretty profound about pushing your body to its limits.  And forcing your mind to be stronger than the pain.  The feeling that comes after a race (and even during) is why all those “crazy” people run long distance races.

And I don’t run every day.  My main source of exercise when i’m not training for a race is either Insanity, T-25, or Body Pump.  But when I really need some good think time and soul cleansing, I run.

The hardest part about running for me, is the first 5 or 10 minutes.  Even though I enjoy running (usually when I’m done), it’s often hard for me to get myself going.  And sometimes, I can tell within the first 5 to 10 minutes what kind of run I’m going to have.  “This one is going to feel good”, or “I’m going to hurt the entire time.”  But once I’ve determined how far I’m going, I always just do it.  Good or bad.  I do the miles.

If you think you weren’t cut out to be a runner, read the book “Born to Run”.  You might change your mind.

Oh, running.  It’s not just for criminals.

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Song list suggestions to run to

I ran my first (and only) marathon in 2002 withOUT any music.  iPods weren’t even invented yet and running 26 miles with my Sport Walkman didn’t sound super fun.  I still don’t know how I did that.

Thank you Steve Jobs for making my running experiences so much more enjoyable.  I have an iPod nano.  Which I love.

2014-10-18_0009Here are a few songs I listen to when training for half marathons (of which I have run 3, Ogden half marathon being my favorite despite the downpour of rain the entire time–it was amazing).

“All about us”  by He is We
“Beat it” by Michael Jackson
“Carry on” by Fun
“Brand New Day” by Joshua Radin
“Crank that” by Soulja Boy
“Easy” by Rascall Flatts
“Creep” by Jena Irene (from American Idol)
“Gone, gone, gone” by Phillip Phillips
“Home” by Phillip Phillips (how can you not like a kid with that name?)
“I love it” by Icona Pop
“Just give me a reason” by Pink
“Lovely” by Sara Haze
“Mean” by Taylor Swift
“People like us” by Kelly Clarkson
“Story of My Life” by Alex Preston (from American Idol)
“Switch” by Will Smith (you know, the fresh prince of bel air)
“Under pressure” by Queen
“United” by Judas Priest (takes me back to the soccer days)
“Hero” by Family of the Year (love this song–it’s a little slow but I like running to it)
“Polaroid” by Imagine Dragons
“Come thou fount of every blessing” by the Mormon tabernacle choir (don’t laugh–it’s my come to Jesus song and always makes me run faster).
“Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol
“Raise your Glass” by Pink
“Back in Black” by AC/DC (takin it back to the old days on the soccer field)

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