These posts are stories about life.  Real people.  Real stories.  And hopefully they all have a message that will help all of us create a better life story.



One of my older brother’s is an alcoholic/addict.  The world of addiction has been a huge party of my life story and has played a critical role in how I view the world and other people.  I wanted to use part of this blog platform as a space where people can talk freely about addiction, the pain it has caused, the lessons learned.  The hope, the despair.  A safe place to just have a conversation.


I recommend reading the introductory article I wrote “Hi my name is….Let’s talk about addiction” to understand where I’m coming from.  Then you can read other articles on this page, some written by me, some written by other people who have an addict in their life they love.





An interview series “Real Life Stories–Women of Inspiration”

2 thoughts on “REAL STORIES”

  1. Lindsay
    I don’t even know what to say. I love you and your entire family. I’m so proud of your Mom what a brave soul. It is enlightening to here this subject finally being talked about so openly. We need to support eachother and show our love and support to those in need. My heart goes out to all of you for all of your love and support always!
    Love you all, Robin

    1. Oh Robin,
      Gosh I love you. Thanks for taking time to read this and for commenting! I honestly think the lives of people who love the addicts would be a tiny bit easier if we were more open and willing to talk about it.
      My mom is a saint. As is my dad. But you already know that.
      PS. Some time I want to talk to you about the work you do with troubled youth…

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