A time to give.

I heard something today that made me pause. A woman said “Sometimes the greatest gift we can give to people is to receive the help that they’re offering.”

The idea of giving and receiving are always a bigger topic this time of year.

Receiving help is HARD. It’s humbling. But it’s absolutely part of the life experience. Some have more than they need. Some have less. And we often complain about God making things so unfair. Why would He do that?

The more I’ve thought about this, the more I think He’s just waiting to see what we’ll do with it. “There is enough AND to spare.”

Some have more. And some have less. And it’s our collective job to figure out how to redistribute. How to take care of each other. How to show up in love and make sure people know “we got you.”

Each year I do some version of help for my local homeless community. You can read ALL about why HERE and HERE .

This year, if you’re looking for a place to give, I would LOVE your help. My heart is still, and always will be, with the homeless. But my heart this year is also with the working poor. The ones who aren’t homeless, but who are barely scraping by. Not sure if they can cover rent, let alone pay their other bills and buy food. I am aware of three families in this situation. People I know and love.

So. Whatever money is donated will be used to:

  1. Buy new socks and other needed items for the homeless community in Utah (socks are like gold to people on their feet all day).
  2. Buy blankets for the homeless to help with the winter cold.
  3. Provide Christmas (money needed to get kids gifts), pay some past due bills, and get some groceries for the 3 families who are just trying not to drown. Sometimes people just need a little boost to help them finally get ahead.

I know it can feel impersonal to just give money, but I also know many of you are stretched on time. So you can make a HUGE difference with any amount you give, and I’ll take care of the rest.

This isn’t just money. Or things. This is showing up. This is love. And love DOES things.

“People are not just objects to satisfy–Here’s your green soup; now go sleep on a cot.  We are meant to hold the promise of life to others.  Start treating people with dignity and respect.  Start doing that, and the world–cannot–will not–stay the same, because people respond to being loved.”

People respond to being loved. And here is a great opportunity for all of us to love. Super grateful for all of you.

If you want to participate:

Venmo the money to me, @lindsayross17 (my profile photo is me on a little motorcycle) OR

Paypal to [email protected] (be sure to mark that you’re sending it to friends and family or they’ll charge a fee).

Or if you’re close to me (and know me), feel free to just drop some cash by or I’ll come pick it up.

Any questions you can e-mail me [email protected]

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