Photo Display for your wall

The wall in our front room was bare for a long time.  I couldn’t come up with the perfect thing to put there.  And then I saw a version of this idea and decided to give it a try.  It’s a fun, unique way to display photos and easy to switch them out over time.

I got two big frames from Ikea and took out the glass.  The photos I printed were 3 inch by 3 inch from Persnickety Prints  so I measured the space I had in the frame and divided out how many strings I could have to make each row even (explaining math on a blog post isn’t my strength).

I used a hot-glue gun (and burned myself at least a dozen times) to attach thick string to the frames.  I glued one side first, let it dry, then pulled the string as tight as I could and glued the other end while I held the string there until it dried (thus the reason I burned myself over, and over, and over–there’s probably a smarter way to do this, but when I pull out the glue gun, my brain falls out of my head).  If you don’t pull the string tight, it will sag once you start putting all the pictures on.

wall photo display

Once the glue is completely dry, I started adding photos.  I got the itty bitty clothes pins from Hobby Lobby.  They have multi-colored ones as well.  Or you could spray paint them a different color if you were feeling extra ambitious (I clearly was not).

wall photo display2016-03-28_0005

All of the photos are from trips we have taken to Lake Powell over the years.  Powell is my happy place so I wanted something that would make me happy every time I looked at it (although in the dead of winter in Utah, it sometimes makes me want to cry).


And there they sit over my couches.  My plan is to swap out the pictures with various vacations we take over the years.


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