To help you use up some of your zucchini

These “zucchini boats” are good.  Really good.  AND good for you.
Normally I’m not a huge fan of ground turkey.  Maybe because when I cook it, it has a weird gray color.  But when you add the Taco seasoning it’s a game changer.


Cut zucchini in half and carve out the middle (I use a spoon)
Cook 1 pound of Jenni-O ground turkey on the stove.  When it’s fully cooked, add a little water and Taco seasoning (as much seasoning as you prefer–I like it more mild)
Spoon cooked turkey into the zucchini.  Add cut up fresh mushrooms and olives (or whatever toppings you like).

Cook at 400 degrees for about 7 minutes.  Then add some mozzarella cheese and continue cooking for about 5 more minutes or until zucchini is tender when stabbed with a fork.

Fast.  Easy.  And healthy.

I’m still trying to warm my kids up to zucchini.  They aren’t big fans.  So I just put the extra ground turkey and toppings in a corn taco shell for them.

The original idea for this came from an Instagram account I was following but now can’t find.  Probably because one of my kids accidentally un-followed them.  Anyway, it was tweaked from that to our liking.

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