Chatbooks!! Get those Instagram pics out where you can enjoy them

Maybe you’ve already heard as they are growing like crazy, but there’s a great company that puts your Instagram pictures into a book!!


Here’s how it works.

The first time you sign up with the company, they’ll print ALL your instagram pics you have so far, putting 60 photos in each book, even the ones that you’ve reposted! (If you don’t know how to repost on insta then visit upleap). Each book costs $6 including shipping. You are then automatically “subscribed” to the service. At first I didn’t really understand how that worked and it may make people feel nervous. But. I think it’s genius as it takes some of the work off our end and helps us stay consistent in getting the photos printed. You don’t have to remember to DO anything once you’ve signed up. After you’ve ordered your initial installment of books, each time you get 60 more photos in your Instagram account, Chatbooks will automatically send you your next book for just $6!!


And, you can get your FIRST BOOK FREE if you use this code: TZCVMC7T




A few things to keep in mind.

**When you put photos in Instagram, they are reduced to 612 pixels by 612 pixels for faster loading times. This only becomes an issue when you try to print photos directly from Instagram. You can’t get much bigger than 6 inches by 6 inches or the photos start to look pretty bad. So the quality of photos in these books is as good as they’ll get anywhere when printing from your Instagram account.

**You can go through each book and exclude any photos you don’t want in there. As well as erase or edit the text attached to each photo. The thing I love most about these photo books is they bring in the text as well as the photos. I still go back through each book and take out some photos (that I don’t really need in a book) and text (that I don’t necessarily want my kids to read).

**Don’t let the subscribe feature scare you. It’s the perfect solution for people like me who can’t handle remembering one more thing. You fill up 60 photos in a book, you get an e-mail saying you have 3 days to make sure the photos included are the ones you want, and the Chatbook shows up in your mailbox.

**Chatbooks has a 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked. And I believe them on that promise. I had an issue with one of my books and the CEO of the company himself corresponded with me to get the issue fixed. Their customer service is amazing. They’ll take care of you.

**If you have a post that has a LOT of words, they have updated the app to now include longer captions. But they will be put on a separate page, not under the photo like the rest of the pages. Just something to be aware of when arranging things and deciding what to keep in each book.




These two spend SO much time looking at photos. And my girls especially love these Chatbooks so they can see what I write about our daily lives. I don’t let them get on my phone and browse through my stuff on there and they aren’t on any social media sites yet, so this is their chance to get an inside look at Instagram.




I obviously couldn’t decide what was the best way to hold the books for a photo. I’m special like that.


Literally only takes minutes to download the Chatbook apps, set up your account, and send your photos off for printing. Perfect way to get those photos off your device and into your home where your family can enjoy them!

Don’t forget to use the code TZCVMC7T to get your first book free!


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