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Rainbow Loom for a reason.

My girls are among the masses of kids obsessed with making Rainbow Loom bracelets.  They got theirs for Christmas and have already spent considerable amounts of time creating those bracelets and rings.  I have also been known to whip up a bracelet or two for my two boys who want to be a part of whatever is going on in our house.  There was maaaaybe a small learning curve for me.  And a few bracelets that spontaneously combusted when I pulled them off the loom.  But I caught on.  Eventually. 
I’m determined like that.

Recently my girls have tried selling their creations to other kids in the neighborhood even though those kids have looms also.  I can’t squash their entrepreneurial spirits.  Unless they want to do a lemonade stand.  And then I’ll squash.  I hate lemonade stands.  But (almost) anything else, I’ll encourage.

(They crafted their own organizing system out of a cereal box)

Thankfully, I just found out about a GREAT solution for all those bracelets I seem to keep picking up all.over.my.house.

Jen at Upcycled Education is teaming up with AHOPE, an organization that helps HIV+ orphans in Ethiopia, and sending Rainbow loom bracelets to these orphans.  Along with a monetary donation (of any size) to help support them.

I’m always eager to participate in things that also involve my kids.  Things that help them see outside their little world and become more aware of the needs of people around them, near and far.  
I told my girls about this last night and they were already eager to start making bracelets for kids in Africa.  My parents served a medical mission in Africa so we’re already very attached to that continent.  

My guess is, if your kids have a Rainbow Loom, you have a few extra of these laying around as well.  Get your kids involved.  Slip them in an envelope with a little money and let your kids see the beauty of GIVING to other kids.  The bracelets will be hand delivered by Julie from AHOPE in April.

Love doesn’t just talk about doing things.  Love DOES things.

If you want to read more information about this project, click here for more details.

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